We are pleased to recommend Edu-Net LLC to your organization.  They currently provide us with various technology services and also assist us with numerous projects.  Their team has proven to be reliable and their services are effective. They are professional, hardworking, and committed to assisting us in growing as an organization and providing a better education to our students.  Their Contribution to our organization has been extremely appreciated and we truly believe they would be an asset to any other organization they may partner with in the future.

We look forward to doing business with them in the years to come and ask that you please consider Edu-Net LLC for all of your communication needs.

L. McClure, CEO FOCUS Learning Academy

Scurry – Rosser ISD and Edu-Net have a great partnership. Edu-Net is responsible for the oversight of the problem solving of our computers. This allows our district the ability to keep our computers’ systems running in an efficient manner.

Edu-Net monitors our computers from a remote location and has the capability to correct any problems in their offices. This is an important advantage as the problem can be solved quickly and, unless we have a serious issue, we do not have to wait for a technician to travel to our site.

We are appreciative of our relationship with Leroy Nabors and Mark Sampson at Edu-Net. They definitely understand the monetary restraints of a small, 2A school and work well with us to stretch our dollars and maximize our computer systems.

I would be happy to recommend Edu-Net. Please feel free to contact me at 972-452-8823, Extension 1000.


C. Couch, Superintendent Scurry-Rosser ISD

MISD has been utilizing the services of Edu-Net for several years now. We have increased our bandwidth each year beginning at a 20mb link up to our current link of 100mb to the internet. Service has been outstanding as they have been quick to respond to any needs that arise, and they have been offering quality service that keeps us up and running 24/7.

K. Paschall, Executive Director of Technology, Midlothian ISD