Today’s networks require multiple services to every school and for every person in the organization. Data, voice, and wireless capabilities all need to be integrated into a seamless, unified experience for both internal and external users. Moreover, additional requirements for data services and operations continuity complicate the network requirements even further. Whether it’s backing up data, executing financial transactions, or delivering video content, your network is fundamental to the operation of your school.

By building upon a foundation of national Tier 1 providers with secondary and niche providers, our customers get the services they need at the best possible price. More importantly, we know the capabilities and limitations of service providers, so we can act as a “Quality Control Function” when evaluating various options. Edu-Net offers the following services.

  • Ethernet Transport
  • Private Line Transport – SONET, wavelength
  • IP Transit
  • Hosted e-mail and Unified Messaging
  • Voice Services
  • Wireless Services
  • Telco Management
  • Dark Fiber
  • Value Added Services
  • Colocation
  • Managed Servers

Edu-Net customizes solutions for your telecommunications and Information Technology needs. We can help design, engineer, source, and implement solutions ranging from the most basic to the complex and challenging.