Off-site Data Backup

At Edu-Net, we realize the importance of each component in the provision of secure online backup. We deliver reliable data protection by setting ever higher goals for quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.


  • Industry-leading proprietary backup software
  • Single Install per LAN with native support for Exchange and SQL Server
  • Open File Management software


  • Finest available – selected for performance and reliability
  • Fault tolerant with standby “hot spares” and replacement stockpiles
  • Continuously upgraded


  • Knowledgeable, experienced technicians
  • 24 x 7 Real-time call center support
  • Rapid response team – when you need your data fast!


  • Utility-class Data Centers
  • Super-fast fiber optic connections from multiple separate Tier 1 Internet service providers
  • State-of-the-art fire suppression and environmental controls
  • Multiple power systems


  • Redundancy built into every step of our service
  • 24/7 onsite staffing and monitoring
  • Security controls incorporated in every process

Edu-Net Internet Vault

Does your school still trust the backup of your most vital resource – data – to a fragmented and often ineffective policy of distributed tape devices, manual routines, and manual offsite tape storage? Or have you tried to use some “unlimited” consumer-based online backup solution, only to find that you cannot get your data back for a week (or never) when the time comes that you need it? Edu-Net Internet Vault is a business-class online backup service that addresses the drawbacks of the fragmented tape-based approach to backup with a unique service offering that is built specifically to handle the urgency of your organization:

  • Fully automated process with backups held on disk for rapid file restoration.
  • Secure online transfer of fully encrypted data to an offsite data center, ensuring regular backups are stored safely and remotely.
  • Sound basis for business continuity planning – whatever happens, your data is safe.
  • Cost-effective solution with an all-inclusive monthly service charge.
  • 24 x 7 live customer support
  • Immediate access to restore data when you need it

Technology Overview Service Features

  • Agentless Client
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Delta Blocking Incremental Backup
  • Block-level Deduplication
  • Open File Backup

Simple User Interface

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL
  • File Servers
  • Laptop & Standalone Desktop
  • Local Storage Backup & Restore Option
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Mirrored Data Centers
  • Business Solutions

In today’s around-the-clock e-business environment, data volumes are growing at an explosive rate. Protecting this information is crucial. Schools need immediate and constant access to critical information to ensure operations continuity when disaster strikes.

Most backup solutions make restoring data a cumbersome and risky process. Manually retrieving off-site tapes, and recovering files from these tapes, can be problematic for several reasons. With Internet Vault you eliminate these issues. Our automated online backup solution guarantees that it gets done. Off-site transmission and storage provides a necessary safeguard for your data, while under the protection of industrial-strength encryption. And instant access to your data allows quick and easy recovery. In addition, your cost savings are not only realized in the lack of hardware & software costs, but also in the amount of time saved using this technology.

Using Edu-Net Internet Vault online data backup service is simple. Our engineers have taken great strides in making sure our data recovery process is easy to manage and straightforward in design. The ability to restore specific files and data components on the fly, and do it quickly, is our core offering. However, our advanced functionality and enhanced features offer much more, and give us major advantages over our competitors.

Internet Vault is the solution of choice for schools who want to take the hassles out of their traditional backup routines and transition to a highly secure and easy to manage off-site storage solution.

Integrated Local Vault

Edu-Net’s industry-leading software includes a major feature that is ideal for schools with available storage capacity on their local LAN who require rapid, seamless operations continuity. The Local Vault feature is unique within the online backup industry since data saved locally does not have to be stored offsite.

The Local Vault solution can help you address business disaster restore requirements by saving multiple copies of selected backup sets on a local disk share located on the your LAN. If a restore is needed, the file can be quickly restored from the local environment, at LAN speed, without connecting through the Internet to Edu-Net.

Local Vault can be configured for specific backup sets, typically ones containing critical data. Local Vault can store as much as 4 times what you store on the Edu-Net vault – providing another means to manage your budget. On the initial backup, the whole Local Vault backup set is stored in the local storage. From then on, any changed files are replaced, in their entirety, on the local storage.

Edu-Net highly recommends that you install a Local Vault. The Local Vault can retain a local backup on an available PC or server, giving you the ability to quickly restore from a local copy over the LAN. The requirement for storage space will depend on how much data is being protected.

Regulatory Compliance

Over the past decade, major legislation has been passed affecting the way organizations manage and store their data.

Why VaultLogix online backup makes compliance much easier

  • automation in moving the data off-site
  • audit trails
  • encryption
  • preservation of all iterations of documents
  • built-in redundancy

To see how the Edu-Net online backup solution can assist you in complying with the regulations affecting your industry, Call Us Today: