About Us

Edu-Net provides general IT and telecom services along with network engineering, managed services, hosted e-mail, offsite data backup and internet access exclusively to educational facilities. Edu-Net differentiates itself from other service providers by getting to know the big picture and taking the time to understand the specifics of each of our clients’ needs and goals.  We understand that taking the wrong course of action can often end up being a waste of time and money, neither of which our clients can afford to waste.  Rather than simply looking at one particular issue, and trying to solve the problem by selling a “widget” that may or may not work, we make sure and understand the root of the issue prior to developing the right course of action to remedy the issue.


As a technical director or other key decision maker within your organization, we know there is a lot of trust you instill upon your technology service providers.  With that trust, comes a great responsibility to always give the best advice and counsel as possible, while always putting the interests of the client first.  Edu-Net understands and appreciates this responsibility, vows to always take this responsibility seriously and to do the best we can for our clients.